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Hello boys & girls, first of all the best wishes for 2021. Last year couldn't be worst than every year crying
We know for sure that 2021 will be much better!

To start the new year good I have mad an new mix....This time with Happy Hardcore devil
Enjoy this trip down memorylane with the best tracks from DJ Paul Elstak, 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, Dune, Party Animals,
Bass-d&King Matthew, Partyraiser & many many more!

Check it out at the music sector or you can listen it at soundcloud wave below!


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The holidays are here but for this year it "ain't an normal holiday" indecision
Because it was a rainy xmas I have made an home live stream video with some fine hardcore classics devil
You can check it on my private facebook page: 

Enjoy and for now on the best wishes for hopefully a better 2021!

Stay Healthy. Stay Strong!



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Hello boys & girls,

I am returning with a new In the mixxx episode. This time I made an mix not about a label, but an artist. 
This man was responsable in back in the days for some new fresh Dutch hardstyle sound. He made the hardstyle going to a new level back in the days....Gents, give it up for DJ ISAAC!

The mix contains all ths biggest hardstyle & hardcore hits like 
Baby wants to ride, Free Frolida, Thriller, Beat the Silence, On the Edge, The Truth, Loud&Proud, Sex Machine, Nobody listens to Techno, Waiting for, Bitches, Dj, Easy My Mind, Till the Sky falls Down, I need you, Fascinating Rhythm, Freak that Shit, Discoland, Bad Dreams and many many more

You can listen it on Mixcloud------> 



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For the older party people who where visiting the legendary Qlubtempo event this mix is a "Trip down memory lane" wink
This mix contains the best hardtrance & early hardstyle classics from Germany.
The legendary Overdose records contains some fine classics you all people know for sure!
Tracks from DJ Scot Project, Russenmafia, S.H.O.K.K, DJ Sequenza and many more!

Enjoy this mix below or listen it at the music sector!

Viel Spaß beim Zuhören!

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DJ Fade-out returns with a new mix...this time the good old days of hardstyle in one hour & 40 min mixxx:


Listen to the hard & dark sound of the famous Hemkade devil

You can listen it here or in the music sector

Enjoy those early hardstyle bangers! 

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DJ Fade-Out presents THE CLASSIC M*A*S*H UP

"Are you ready for the next episode....hey hey...Smoke Weed everyday!"💨💨

U all know this lyric, right?

This is Fade-out's Classics MASH UP part 1 containing the best part of some fine classics, all u people known for sure ;)

Enjoy this FREE MASH UP !

You can listen or download (via:  via  the music sector

Enjoy! laugh

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"We are supposed to be in control, take a moment of silence!"

You all know that lyric, right? laugh
My new edit of G-town Madness - Silence is finally ready!
You can play it at the music sector or play it above here.

Enjoy! and take a  moment of silence (Offcourse not...Play it as loud as you can! cheeky)

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Because the gouverment in the Netherlands doesn't give permission for the organisations to organize their events till 1 september 2020 (according the corona virus),
I uploaded my live Facebook video from Dominator Festival in 2016. 
Enjoy the summer feeling vibe. 

Stay strong. Stay Health

Here you can watch the video:

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I don't need to say all you guys that the Convid 19 (Corona) virus hits us very hard! indecision
And I know that only thing matters now is that we all are healthy & virus free but let's pray it will soon be as it was "back in the days"....
Because we cannot party at the moment I  made an home quarantaine video live recorded at Facebook..

You can watch it in the videos sector---->live-homestudio-quarantaine-f-ck-corona 
Enjoy the Early Hardstyle beats from the past....



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Finally I can say you guys that mine edit of Lenny Dee - The Dreamer (Fade-out 175 bpm edit) is available at Youtube &
you can download it for free at:

Or yo can lisen it at the music sector on my page....

Enjoy yes